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Haunted Footsteps Nightly Ghost Tour

Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour: Accompany us on Salem's Original 90-minute ghostly tour and experience why our highly acclaimed lantern-lit stroll has been a "Witch City" institution since 1997. Our engaging guides creatively convey Salem's authentic haunted history. Delve into Salem's macabre past as our knowledgable and charismatic guides regale you with true tales of documented paranormal activity, chilling cemeteries, and centuries-old murder. 

May through August • Tours run daily at 3pm & 8pm
September • Tours run daily at 3pm, 6pm & 8pm
October • Tours run daily at 3pm, 6pm & 8pm. Additional tours are offered at 7pm & 9pm on all October weekends! (Note: contest tickets not eligible for October tours).
November 4th - 30th • Tours nightly at 3pm & 6pm (except Thanksgiving Day)
​​​​​​​December 1 - January 5th • Tours nightly at 6pm (except Christmas Day)

Additional Salem Historical Tours

Salem 101: General History tells you about the nearly 400-year-old history of our city. This overview tour covers the 1692 Witchcraft Trials, Salem's role as the top seaport in the nation, involvement in the American Revolution, presidents and famous people who visited here, inventors, movies shot in the city and other amazing history. 

The 1692 Witchcraft Walk strolls through former Salem Towne examining key players and locales linked to the infamous Witch Trials. Examine the demographics, theories, and personal stories comprising the dire events of 1692. 

Salem Village Witch Hunt Walking Tour (Danvers, MA)
This tour takes place a short drive away from Salem in the town of Danvers, formerly Salem Village, where two young girls began acting out on a cold February day in 1692. It was diagnosed as witchcraft, starting the hysteria. You'll visit several significant historical sites including the remains of the parsonage. 

HP Lovecraft and the Salem Connection Walking Tour
HP Lovecraft was a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer who was inspired by Salem and the witchcraft Trials. He specialized in the weird that captured the imagination of many of his fans. You’ll learn about the man, his books and what he referenced in his books.  

Salem Witch Trials Ancestors & Descendants Tour 
There were close to 1,000 people involved in the witchcraft hysteria so calculations estimate that there could be more than 50 million descendants from the event. This tour will bring you throughout the downtown area of old Salem Towne, discussing key people involved in the 1692 Witchcraft Trials. Then we'll tell you, their descendants. 

Myths & Superstitions Tour
Why is 13 an unlucky number? Why is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path? Why do we throw salt over our shoulder?
Learn about the origins of many myths and superstitions and their influence on modern society.
Master storyteller Bob Gautreau will lead this fascinating tour on Friday the 13th. Tour runs Sept. 13 and Dec. 13

Salem Black History Tour 
Among our nearly 400 years of history are the incredible contributions of Blacks and African-Americans in our city. They were enslaved in Salem as early as 1638 and received their freedom in the next century, making great strides in the community and major contributions. 

Hocus Pocus Movies & More Tour
You will be surprised which movies were shot in Salem and they are not all about our notorious past. We’ll bring you around to the locations and name the TV show or movie as well as the actors and what they did. Then when you watch it again, you’ll recognize those locations.