Witch's Woods

Get ready for Witch's Woods Haunted Hayride in Westford – a classic haunted attraction in Massachusetts! As you embark on the hayride at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, the eerie woods come alive with the souls of the dead. The sides of the hayride leave you vulnerable to potential attacks from lurking, terrifying creatures. Beware of witches darting through the trees, while werewolves howl at the moon nearby. In the darkness, mysterious creatures advance, making the woods an eerie and thrilling destination.

Unleash your courage as you enter Vampire Passage, where a terrifying legend comes to life. Long ago, brave men sought to destroy an ancient female vampire, but their mission ended in bloodshed. Now, the trail hides her fanged minions, hungry for victims. Feel the chill as their hisses and unearthly sounds echo through the night, desperate to spread the Vampire's Curse.

Embark on a harrowing adventure through Castle Morbid's dark gates. Beware of the powerful spirits dwelling within, capable of casting spells that disorient your senses. Sensing your presence, their brethren as they chase you through the labyrinthine halls. Deep within the keep, ancient spirits await, hungering for new vessels. Will you escape their clutches?

Attraction Info

79 Powers Rd.
Westford, MA 01886


Type of Attraction-Activity

Haunted House
Haunted Trail
Haunted Hayride


Indoor - Outdoor Attraction
In the Woods
Multiple Attractions

Facility Type

ADA Accessible

Ticketing Type

Tickets at the Door
Online Ticketing Option
Tickets Required

Admission Type

Group Rates Available
Admission Fee

Age Recommendations

Recommended 8 y. +

Haunted House

3D Attraction


Night Attraction
Open Halloween
Only Certain Weekends
Open Certain Thursdays

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General Parking

Free Parking