Trail of Terror

Hiding in the woods at the end of a lonesome road is a world of fright and fantasy that will test one's mettle, temper one's cavalier courage, torment one's sanity, and taint one's soul. This vortex of dark entertainment is the Trail of Terror.

The Trail resides on four appalling acres of forsaken forest. The haunt scenes take up fully half of that area. . After entering the front gate, guests walk along the outdoor trail through 30 different scenes. Unsuspecting patrons must venture through crawl spaces, squeeze walls, across a rope bridge, aboard a boat, under a spinning carousel, and through a vortex tunnel on their march of mayhem. Over the summer, the staff changes approximately 75% of the Trail’s scenes so customers are confronted with novel new frights each season.


The Harvest  - Coming Fall 2023

In the town of Central Valley, Where the pumpkin fields do grow, There was a creature called the Harvester, Whose horrors we all know. With eyes that glowed like burning coals, And teeth that shone like knives, It stalked the pumpkin fields at night, And terrorized our lives. It harvested the pumpkins, With a speed that was unmatched, And left them mutilated, In a grotesque and twisted patch. So beware, oh pumpkin growers, And keep a watchful eye, For the Harvester is out there, If only we knew why.

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The Trail of Terror has bent the minds of the innocent and benefited local charities for 29 years. The dominion of this operation’s overseer, Wayne Barneschi, began as a home haunt. Through enlisting the help of dark forces, a veritable coven of close friends and family members, they made the leap to become a professional non-profit haunted attraction. First with the Wallingford Red Cross and then later as it's own non-profit in the form of Scare Crew Productions, Inc. which has now donated over $2 Million — benefitting local charities, and individuals and community projects in need.

Trail of Terror Hours

Fridays and Saturdays 7:00pm-11:00pm
Sundays 7:00pm-10:00pm

Timed Tickets - Purchase Online

$25 Timed Ticket: Enter at your chosen date and time slot with guaranteed admittance. Groups entering the Trail will contain 6-12 guests. Purchase tickets

$40 VIP Premium Pass ★ Replaces other ticketed lines with a minimum wait time. An extremely limited number of VIP Premium Passes are sold each night. Purchase tickets

Save $2 when you buy your ticket before Sept 1st!

Note: General Admission is no longer available. All tickets must be purchased online, there will be no on-site ticketing.

Trail of Terror's ticketing and weather FAQ 

Trail of Terror Tickets - Wallingford, CT
Trail of Terror 2022 Schedule
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Attraction Info

60 N. Plains Hwy.
Wallingford, CT 06492


Type of Attraction-Activity

Haunted Trail


Outdoor Attraction
In the Woods

Ticketing Type

Online Ticketing Option
Tickets Required
Advanced Tickets Recommended
Reservations Required
Timed Ticketing

Admission Type

Admission Fee

Age Recommendations

Recommended 10 y. +


Night Attraction
May Close for Rain
Fall Attraction
Only Certain Weekends