Fright Haven

Hotel Hex, a mysterious old inn, holds a sinister secret. Reports of missing individuals lead back to this seemingly innocent establishment, where rumors of cult activity and human sacrifice linger. An investigative journalist checked in and discovered the chilling truth behind the town's folklore of witches and a hidden darkness. The journalist vanished, leaving behind unanswered questions.

The Duncan family's disappearance is tied to the haunted house at the forest's edge. Disregarding the warnings, they moved in, unaware of the home's witch-infested past. Eerie signs went ignored until young Johnny stumbled upon the remnants of dark magic within the walls. Objects moved on their own, dolls possessed an unsettling human-like gaze, and flowers withered upon blooming. Enter the Witching Hour to witness the same horrors that befell the ill-fated Duncans.


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411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff
Stratford, CT 06615


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Haunted House


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ADA Accessible

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Credit - Debit Accepted

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Recommended 10 y. +

Haunted House

Kids Day Available


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Open Rain or Shine
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