Evidence of Evil

Evidence of Evil features multiple haunted attractions deep in the fields and trails at Lyman Orchards.

Embark on a perilous journey through a realm of decay and revulsion, where time is of the essence to elude the vengeful inhabitants of the Toxic Waste. In the Witch's Castle, a malevolent ritual unfolds, thrusting you into the midst of a coven of witches who seek to engulf you in their wicked sorcery. Descend into their mystical lair, where secrets of unimaginable horror await.

Prepare to encounter the disgraced inhabitants who govern the desolate domain of The Backwater. Trespassers are met with hostility as you navigate through their territory, venturing into the foreboding woodshed to unravel the dark intentions that lie in wait.

The Harvest summons a discordant chorus of ghastly apparitions within its forsaken cornfield. Here, silence becomes your sole defense as even the slightest noise can lead to a gruesome demise, turning your mortal remains into haunting remnants upon the desolate ground.

Enter The House, seemingly in a dormant slumber, concealing enigmatic secrets within its spectral walls. Many have ventured to uncover the mysteries of the infamous Spookhouse, only to meet their futile demise. The enigmatic denizens may extend their chilling welcome, but only if you participate in their macabre game of Trick or Treat.

Descend into the depths of The Basement, where long-forgotten relics and obscured memories lie in wait. As you uncover the buried truths, beware of the lurking presence concealed amidst the aging walls. The encroaching cobwebs and skittering spiders are but mere distractions in the face of the true horror that awaits.

Prepare to confront the ethereal sentinels of the Crypt, known as the Wraiths. Shadows writhe and coil around every corner of their sacred grounds, relentlessly stalking your every move. A single misstep can consign your flesh to a fading memory, forever lost in the embrace of their spectral domain.

As you traverse this confluence of nightmarish experiences, be prepared for a relentless assault on your senses, where decay, malevolence, witchcraft, desolation, enigma, and the spectral converge. Brace yourself for an immersive journey, where fear intertwines with anticipation, guiding you through each treacherous attraction.

Attraction Info

105 South St.
Middlefield, CT 06455


Type of Attraction-Activity

Haunted Trail

Tour Type

Self-Guided Tour
Walking Tour


Outdoor Attraction

Facility Type

ADA Accessible

Ticketing Type

Tickets at the Door
Online Ticketing Option
Tickets Required
Advanced Tickets Recommended
Timed Ticketing

Admission Payments

Portion of the Proceeds Donated to Charity
ATM Available
Credit - Debit Accepted

Age Recommendations

Recommended 14 y. +


Night Attraction
May Close for Rain
Open Weekends

Corn Maze Extras

Award Winning Maze Design

Property Extras

Restaurant / Cafe on-site
Indoor Bathrooms

Other Details

Live Music

General Parking

Free Parking