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Attraction Categories:

  • Haunted Houses & Trails
  • Haunted Hayrides
  • Flashlight Mazes & Haunted Corn Mazes
  • Ghost Tours & Haunted History Walks
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Costume & Halloween Stores
  • Classic Horror or Halloween Film Screenings (and events)

To include your attraction on one of our Category Guides (Haunted Houses & Trails Guide, Ghost Tour Guide, Pumpkin Patch Guide, etc) your attraction must meet the following 3 qualifications:

  • be held at an independent location and/or a place of business (not a residence).
  • be open a minimum of 5 nights during the season.
  • fit neatly into one of our Attraction Category GuidesHaunted Houses & Trails Guide, Ghost Tour Guide, Flashlight Maze & Haunted Corn Maze Guide, Costume & Halloween Store Guide, Pumpkin Patch Guide, Horror Screenings, Haunted Hayride Guide.

Is your attraction not meeting the 3 criteria listed above? 
Single night or limited weekend experiences are considered "events" and would be best suited as a listing on our Halloween Events and Activities calendar. Submit your Event.

Note: After Sept 1st, attractions submitted may take up to 10 days to be posted due to volume.