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Haunted Grandview Manor
139 TM Wentworth Rd.
Lebanon, ME 04027

No-Scare Halloween Night at Haunted Grandview Manor

Soak up the spooky on Halloween Night at Haunted Grandview Manor in Lebanon, Maine!

As you travel through the creepy dark woods of Lebanon Maine, you’ll pass through cemeteries, hillbilly shacks, the slaughterhouse, Grandview Funeral home, and much, much more!

Treat yourself to a scare-free Halloween Night walk-through of Haunted Grandview Manor to soak up the Halloween spirit, immerse yourself in the spooky atmosphere, and enjoy the creative scenes but without the scares, actors, or pop-out animatronics. You can still expect to find atmospheric music and scene lights to amplify the experience! It's a perfect way to appreciate the creativity of this imaginative haunt without having to watch your back for scares! 

$10 on no-scare night.

Receive $1 OFF No-Scare Night through online ticketing using Promo Code: 1OFFHNE23

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