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226 Main St.
Charlestown, NH 03603

Lecture: The Capital Crime of Witchcraft: What the Primary Sources Tell Us

Grave Detectives! Stories in Stone is an interactive discovery tour for kids and adults exploring the art, history, and sometimes funny stories behind the stones.

Grave Detectives! will introduce families to some of Concord MA’s oldest history that is hiding in plain sight at Old Hill Burying Ground.
This tour will introduce kids to how to read gravestone iconography, how to use images to roughly date stones, and how the epitaphs convey information.

A unique and memorable historical experience in beautiful downtown Concord, MA!

This is a family-friendly tour suitable for kids 7y and up!

Grave Detectives Tour Dates:
Sunday, Oct. 3rd
Monday, Oct. 11th
Saturday, Oct. 23rd
Sunday, Oct 31st
at 11:00am.

Ages 18+ - $30
Ages 10-17 - $25
Under Age 10- $15

Book in advance as these tours will surely sell out!

Bonus! Use promo code HALLNE2021 for 10% off Grave Detectives standard admission pricing if you found us through Halloween New England! 

This tour is offered by The Concord Tour Company.

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There are no upcoming dates scheduled for this event.