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1147 Fairfield Woods Rd.
Fairfield, CT 6825

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Searching Shadows
MON Oct 247:00pm

Searching Shadows

Shadow People – Hat Man – Men In Black – Call them what you will, they remain one of the most intriguing anomalies in the paranormal. Are they spirits? Aliens? A figment of our imagination? Or perhaps they are something else entirely.

A visit from one of these shadow figures is what started Dustin on his road into the supernatural. Check out this lecture to cast a little light into the darkness and see what lurks in the shadows.

With over 25 years of experience researching the unknown, Dustin Pari brings exciting and positive lectures about the paranormal all across the country, As a part of SyFy television's Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and appearances on Destination Truth and Ghost Nation, Dustin has traveled the world over looking for answers and expanding his understanding of the unseen realm.

Location Note: This event will be held at the Fairfield Woods Branch (not the Main Library) - 1147 Fairfield Woods Road
Fairfield, CT

This is a FREE, library-hosted event. As such, it's always smart to check with the Fairfield Library to see if there is still a registration requirement.