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122 Mack Rd.
Lebanon, CT 6249

Upcoming Dates

Time Travelers Weekend and Cosplay Contest at CT RenFaire
SAT Oct 810:30am
Doctor Who Cosplay Costume Contest at CT RenFaire
SUN Oct 910:30am
Loki Costume Contest at CT RenFaire
MON Oct 1010:30am
Evil Laugh and Scary Scream Contest- CT Ren Faire
SAT Oct 1510:30am
All Hallows Weekend at the CT RenFaire
SAT Oct 1510:30am
Kids Costume Contest & Trick or Treat - CT Ren Faire
SUN Oct 1610:30am
All Hallows Weekend at the CT RenFaire
SUN Oct 1610:30am

CT Renaissance Faire

September 3rd – October 16th, 2022 
Every Saturday & Sunday, Plus Labor Day and Columbus Day Monday

The Annual Connecticut Renaissance Faire is an enchanted recreation of a 16th-century harvest festival as one might have been in the days of yore. Here you can feast like a king on turkey legs and local craft brews, shop like a queen in New England’s largest Medieval Marketplace or laugh like a fool at continuous shows performed on ten stages throughout the village. All the kingdom is a stage with performances on stage and in the street. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.
Come as you are or as you wish to be!

$15 for adults 16+; $10 for 7-15y; Kids under 6 - free!

Themed Weekend at the CT Renaissance Faire

Sept 10-11 - Pirate Weekend
It’s Pirate Weekend at the RenFaire, so break out your pirate Halloween costume and get into the fun. Arrrr, you ready?


  • Pirate Costume Contest: Unless they’re boarding your ship everybody loves pirates, so dress the part and come enter our pirate costume contest! Insider tip: The winners of this contest are often the ones that talk like pirates, walk like pirates, and really get into the whole pirate role. Do you have what it takes to win?


  • Siren Song Contest: Can you sing a mysterious note that would drive sailors to their doom? Please show us your creative song to win this contest. 

Sept 24-25 - Wizard Weekend
Magic is in the air at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire!

  • Wizard Costume Contest where we welcome all wizards, both young and old, to show the audience the way a wizard should dress for the occasion.
  • The Harry Potter House Cup Trivia Contest: So you think you’re the cleverest in the land? Join us at the Pirate Cove at the top of every hour and step up to participate in the official trivia house cup! 


  • Harry Potter Cosplay Costume Contest: Whether you’re from Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, all houses of Hogwarts are welcome to compete. Once the contest ends, kids can explore the shire to find candy-filled snitches hidden in plain sight.
  • The Harry Potter House Cup Trivia Contest: So you think you’re the cleverest in the land? Join us at the Pirate Cove at the top of every hour and step up to participate in the official trivia house cup! 

Oct 1-2 Dragons & Dice Weekend
Adventure Awaits those who attend our Dragons & Dice weekend. If you love video game RPGs, Table-tops, LARP, or just having fun, this is your weekend!​​​​​​​

  • Best Adventurer Costume:  Don your best adventuring attire and get ready to wow the judges as they test your adventuring prowess. 


  • Best Monster Costume: Don your best monster attire and get ready to wow the judges as they test your monstering prowess.

Oct 8-10 Time Travelers Weekend
Whether you’re a villain here to “exterminate” The Doctor, boldly going where no one has gone before, or you’re a hero from a galaxy far, far away, you’re going to love our Time Traveler’s Weekend. This theme is your chance to show off your favorite cosplay regardless of where and when it represents. 


  • Deaf Awareness Day: We invite members of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community to enjoy an interpreted day at the Faire. Finger Dancers from around New England join us to interpret a variety of shows for our friends who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing one day during National Deaf Awareness Week.
  • Time Travelers Cosplay Costume Contest: It doesn’t matter WHEN you’re from, WHERE you’re from, or even what galaxy you’re from. Come dressed as your favorite character from history or fantasy and complete in this Time Travelers Cosplay Costume Contest.


  • Doctor Who Cosplay Costume Contest: If you have a favorite Doctor Cosplay now is your chance to show it off. Come dressed as your favorite Doctor, Companion, or other characters from one of our favorite shows.
  • Whovian Photo Ops: Immediately after the cosplay costume contest, join us at the TARDIS for a group photo shoot of all our Whovian friends.

Monday (Columbus Day):

  • Loki Costume Contest: Come dressed as a known Loki Variant or create one of your own design.

Oct 15-16 All Halloween Weekend
All Hallows Weekend at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire celebrates ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. Don your favorite costume and revel in Halloween fun. All Hallows is our final weekend of the season, so get to the show before it’s too late! 
Saturday (DAY):

  • Evil Laugh & Scary Scream Contest

Saturday (NIGHT):

  • Halloween Knights: Back from the Dead (after-hours festivities). Details.


  • Safe Trick or Treat: All children in costume are invited to join us for Trick or Treating around the shire. Look for “Trick or Treat” sign on participating merchants. 2:00 – 5:00 pm. If you need a trick-or-treat bag, stop by Jester’s Bazaar.
  • Kids Costume Contest: Youth ages 15 and under are invited to compete in our Halloween Costume Contest.

Contest Info: Unless otherwise specified, entry into all contests at the Special Events Stage are included with your same-day admission to the Faire. If you are planning to enter a contest, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start. At the discretion of the contest host, some events may choose to limit the number of participants in a particular contest due to time restrictions.