Haunted Grandview Manor is an indoor/outdoor Haunted Attraction located in Lebanon, Maine.

As you travel through the creepy dark woods of Lebanon Maine, you’ll pass through cemeteries, hillbilly shacks, the slaughterhouse, Grandview Funeral home, and much, much more! Jam-packed with props, animatronics, energetic actors, and, yes, chainsaws this haunt offers the perfect blend of spooky stillness and in-your-face scares.

Choose your level of scare and spookiness:

  • If scares and terror are your thing - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights will deliver the goods!
  • If you prefer a no-scare, low-key, just-spooky atmosphere without actors - check out the Thursday No-Scare Nights.
  • Want to indulge in a mellow walk-through enjoying the scenic detail during the day? The Daytime Walk-throughs are ideal!

Visit their website for details, tickets, and dates/times!


Ticket Info for Haunted Grandview Manor

Full Scare Nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights
Full Scare Nights: $22 (age suggestion: 12+)
$2 OFF Full Scare show through online ticketing: Promo Code: 2OFFHNE23 (excludes Sat nights).

No-Scare Nights: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30pm
(Oct 10th, 17th, 24th, plus Oct 31st Halloween Night!)
No-Scare Nights: $10.
$1 OFF No-Scare Night through online ticketing: Promo Code: 1OFFHNE23

No-Scare Daytime Walk-throughs 1:00-3:00pm (Saturdays, Oct 19th, 26th, & Nov. 2nd, plus Sunday Oct 27th):
Daytime Walk-through: $10 Details
$1 OFF Daytime Walk through online ticketing: Promo Code: 1OFFHNE23DAY

Online ticketing and walk-ins welcome.

2024 Special Events:

Select Thursday Nights in October are No Scare Nights! (Oct. 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st)
Treat yourself to a scare-free walk-through of Haunted Grandview Manor to soak up the Halloween spirit, immerse yourself in the spooky atmosphere, and enjoy the creative scenes all without the scares, actors, or pop-out animatronics. You'll  still find atmospheric music and scene lights to amplify the experience! It's a perfect way to appreciate the creativity of this imaginative haunt without having to watch your back for scares! Haunt owners are available for customer Q&A. Details

Saturdays, October 19th, 26th, & Nov. 2nd, plus Sunday Oct. 27th:
Daytime Walk-throughs (no-scare)
The daytime walk-through (1pm-3pm) at Haunted Grandview Manor is a delightful all-ages opportunity to have a unique Halloween experience but without the scares, actors, or pop-out animatronics! Enjoy the creative haunt scenes and spooky music without being nervous of scares or startles. Haunt owners are available for customer Q&A. Details

Parental Note for No-Scare Events (Day & Night): Suitable for ages 6+. As always, parental discretion is advised to properly assess their child's maturity to visit haunt scenes.