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Hometown Ghost Stories Podcast (2023)

Halloween New England joined the crew at Hometown Ghost Stories - a delightfully spooky podcast featuring narrated ghostly tales and haunted history research! We don't need an excuse to talk Halloween events, New England area ghost tours, and haunted mazes! We touch on the unique spookiness of a flashlight corn maze, the majestic artistry of Haunted Overload, pine for the now-retired Ghoulie Manor, discuss haunt actors and local ghost tours! We cover a lot in this bonus episode for Halloween season and we hope you enjoy a listen!
Listen to Hometown Ghost Stories - Episode 10/4/23

Old Colony Cast Podcast (2023)

Halloween New England made their first visit as a guest on The Old Colony Cast - a fascinating podcast out of Plymouth, MA featuring New England tales, legends, and history from around our fair area! It was a treat to chat Halloween with host Andy where we chatted about amazing Halloween programs at local libraries, researching Halloween events, out-Googling Google, Haunted Experiences, Evil Dead - The Musical, Halloween/horror-adjacent theatre productions, how to find all-ages Halloween adventures, Krampus Scavenger Hunts and (whew) even more!
Listen to The Old Colony Cast - Episode 9/28/23

PVD Horror Podcast

Alexandra, owner of Halloween New England joins Providence's very own PVD Horror Podcast to talk haunts and Halloween!
Hear the Halloween New England Team’s origin story, learn how HNE came to be, hear where PVD Horror’s Dave draws the line in a touch-haunt and understand why haunt actors are a special breed! Bonus: Learn what haunt feature Alexandra has *never* seen in a New England haunt but she desperately hopes that a local haunt will add to their attraction someday!
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America's Hometown Horror Podcast

What an honor for Halloween New England to be invited back to America's Hometown Horror Podcast to talk ALL things Halloween! We discuss so much in this episode including a *huge preview* of all the outstanding Halloween experiences across New England over the weeks of fall! Seriously, the excitement is contagious!
We cover the spooky, the thrilling, the not-scary, the extra-scary, Halloween magic, interactive horror theatre, our incredible New England haunt community, VIP haunt experiences, and much more!
Listen to America's Hometown Horror Podcast - Episode 9/26/23

The Fiendish Five Podcast

Have you ever had to defend WHY your Top 5 horror movies made your favorites list?
The owner of Halloween New England joins The Fiendish Five Podcast where she reveals and discusses her five most treasured horror films (plus a surprise honorable mention)! Yikes, we were nervous for this one because of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even when discussing gore, zombies, and serial killers!
Our favorite films aren’t “perfect” but they *are* our honest favorites…and we’re curious if you love them too!
Listen to The Fiendish Five Podcast - Episode 27

America's Hometown Horror Podcast (2021)

It's Halloween New England first time as a guest on America's Hometown Horror Podcast where we cover all the incredible ways that New England is THE place to be during Halloween season. HNE Owner Alexandra shares about her unqiue experience of being lifecasted by Ghost Ride Productions to become a horror prop (and what it was like to see "herself" in a haunt for the first time. We chat about her passion for haunts rooted in her lifelong love of theatre and 80's horror and we dive into the many ways that Halloween New England is the go-to guide for anyone who loves Halloween!
Listen to America's Hometown Horror Podcast - Episode 10/15/21