Gaines Farm Vengeance in the Valley

Vengeance in the Valley is VT’s premiere Haunted Hayride and Haunted Corn Maze. Just 2 miles from MA border, it is located at Gaines Farm in Guilford. Find features, dates, hours, events, photos, tickets, directions, and more for Vengeance in the Valley a

Haunted Hayride

The Vengeance in the Valley Haunted Hayride is an experience so terrifying that we personally escort our visitors, pulled atop hay-strewn wagons, into the Gaines Farm night. Beyond the Haunted Corn Maize (the baddies in the corn Maize hide from evil that lurks beyond) the Haunted Hayride explores the truly horrifying history of the Gaines Farm, as those who were once wronged seek Vengeance in the Valley!

Haunted Corn Maize

What lurks in our Maize after-hours? The mad? The undead? Flesh-eating extra-terrestrials? Don't turn your back. Don't close your eyes. Or you might just find out. Come prepared!


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Tickets sold Fridays and Saturdays: 6:30pm-10:00pm

Tractor Wagons leave continually throughout the evening.

This attraction is open weather-permitting.
Visit website for admission details and more.

Map To Gaines Farm Vengeance in the Valley

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