13th World

13th World Haunted Trail is a thrilling outdoor haunted attraction in Cumberland, RI--just 1 mile from the MA border - Find features, trail details, special events, photos, video, tickets, directions, and more on Halloween New England.

13th World has the scariest and most unique horror trails you will ever encounter! 

Set on the lower level of an old ski resort that was closed due to several deaths from a chair lift collapsing, it is said that the people who perished in that deadly accident still haunt the grounds to this day. During the month of October, these evil spirits come out and are ready for blood. Come on down to see if you and your group can survive. Good luck and hope you make it!!!!

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Friday & Sunday Nights:    $18 General Admission   $25 SpeedPass   
      Saturday Nights:     $20 General Admission    $30 SpeedPass

Ticket Booth Hours 6:30pm - 10:00pm
Attraction stays open until the last victim is through!

If the weather is iffy, check the 13th World Facebook page for updates!

Buy tickets at 13th World's website.

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Map To 13th World

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