Enter to WIN a pair of tickets to a Seaside Shadows
Haunted History Tour in Mystic, CT this October! 

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We'll pick 1 winner - Contest ends Thursday 10/1/20. No limit entry!
Winning tickets are valid for the Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Tour
or the Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll - your choice of tour!

Restrictions: Winning tickets must be both redeemed on the same visit;
Tickets may be redeemed through 10/30/20 for the specific tour you win
and you'll be able to book the tour date of your choosing directly online.

  Winning may not be used for special events, special investigations, Halloween night, or Elm Grove tours.

Covid-19 Note: If public health circumstances require that this tour or event be canceled or closed
due to Covid-19, these tickets will be invalidated and may not be carried over to future seasons. 
Winner agrees to be informed about and abide by any in-state or inter-state travel restrictions.
Sorry, we know it sucks but it's a freaking pandemic...wear a mask, let's get rid of this virus together.

2020 Weekly Seaside Shadows Mystic, CT Tours

Downtown Mystic Ghost Strolls
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 7:00pm -
The Seaside Shadows Downtown Mystic tours go through the bustling
landscape of shops and restaurants surrounding the famous drawbridge.

Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour 
 Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings at 7:00pm -
Seaside Shadows Mystic Cemetery Tours allow guests to walk through the Whitehall
Burial Ground associated with the famously sighted ghosts of Whitehall Mansion.

Buy Tickets in Advance HERE.

 Where does the famous giggling ghost of Mystic visit dining guests? 
What curse haunts the landscape of Mystic, CT?
What historic artifacts and gravestone engravings have been found in Mystic's antiquated burial grounds?
Who keeps watch over the town's Civil War Office awaiting the arrival of her lost love?

Hear the answers to this along with more legends and spooks when you take a
Seaside Shadows Downtown Mystic tour or Mystic Moonlit Graveyard Tour.

Halloween Week 2020 - Additional Tours Available

Saturday, October 24th - Downtown Ghost Walk at 7:00pm, Graveyard Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm & 9:00pm
Saturday, October 24th - Whitehall Burial Ground Paranormal Investigation: Join us for a special Halloween Weekend interactive paranormal investigation of the historic Whitehall Burial Ground. Details.
Sunday, October 25th - Elm Grove Cemetery Tour 4pm (details) & Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm 
Monday, October 26th - Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm
Tuesday, October 27th - Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm 
Wednesday, October 28th - Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm
Thursday, October 29th - Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm 
Friday, October 30th - Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm  
Saturday, October 31st (Halloween) - Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll at 7:00pm & Moonlit Graveyard Ghost Stroll at 9:00pm
Saturday, October 31st (Halloween) Whitehall Burial Ground Paranormal Investigation Join us for a special Halloween Weekend interactive paranormal investigation of the historic Whitehall Burial Ground. Details.

Contest Rules and Eligibility Requirements

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All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will be gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. A winner will be chosen at random.
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If this event is canceled due to weather, no refund or credit will be carried over into future dates or seasons.
If public health restrictions due to COVID-19 cause this event to be postponed or canceled in 2020, contest tickets will be forfeited if no additional dates are added in 2020. Contest tickets may not be redeemed for 2021 or future event dates.

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