Lizzie Borden and the Forty Whacks

Date October 30, 2019
Time Starts at 2:00 pm

Event Description

Lizzie Borden and the Forty Whacks
Amesbury Senior Center - 68 Elm Street Amesbury, MA 01913
Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

The Delvena Theatre Company will be presenting Lizzie Borden and the 40 Whacks!

On a scorching hot day in Fall River, back in August of 1892, a heinous crime occurred. Spinster Lizzie Borden was accused, tried, and acquitted for the vicious ax murders of her father and stepmother. This true unsolved mystery has fascinated people for over 100 years. Two people died on that day in 1892, but Lizzie continues to live on in American folklore.

An edutainment production, the show will feature Lynne Moulton and Joseph Zamparelli in multiple roles. The performance includes a mock trial that invites the audience to participate by questioning Lizzie and deciding her guilt or innocence. Did she or didn’t she? You be the judge.   Details  

Performed by the Delvena Theatre Company

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