"Blacula"- Horror Film Screening

Date October 11, 2019
Time Starts at 11:59 pm

Event Description

"Blacula"- Horror Film Screening
Coolidge Corner Theatre - 290 Harvard Street, Brookline MA 02446
Recording 617–734–2500//Office 617–734–2501
Friday, October 11th, 2019
11:59pm (Midnight showing)

Dracula makes a meal out of an African prince, and seals him in an inescapable tomb from which he escapes 100 years later...in L.A.

When interior decorators bring back a coffin from Transylvania, they unknowingly unleash the blackest of evils. Witness the horror! As Blacula lays the mack down on Tina, the reincarnation of his long deceased wife. Shudder at the fashion choices of the 70's! Watch, as Blacula feeds his need for hot young blood! Feel the funk, as his teeth sink in! See the one soul-brother without a soul!

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