Stepehen King's "The Dead Zone" (1983) Film Screening

Date October 27, 2019
Time Starts at 6:00 pm

Event Description

Stephen King's "The Dead Zone" (1983) Film Screening
Salem Visitor Center - 2 New Liberty St. Salem, MA, 01970
Sunday, October 27th, 2019

After Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) awakens from a coma he discovers he has the ability to see the future of those he comes into contact with. The Dead Zone is about the liminal space between the real and perceived, the places that demand to be believed in. While Johnny’s psychic abilities drive the narrative of The Dead Zone forward, Johnny’s journey to rebuild his life after being in a coma for five years is the heart of the story. Directed by horror auteur David Cronenberg there is an iciness to The Dead Zone which balances King’s predilection for earnest sentiment that still shines through in Walken’s performance. Cronenberg keeps the pacing tight, narrowing in on Johnny’s greatest conflict, a fate tied to the furiously up and coming politician Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen). 

Directed by David Cronenberg   1hr 43m | Rated R

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