Enter to WIN a pair of tickets to
The Dark Manor Haunted House this season!

Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to check out The Dark Manor Haunted House in Baltic, CT this season!

Your 2 winning tickets are good for any night *except* Saturday 

To be eligible to win this contest, you must first follow Halloween New England and The Dark Manor's Instagram pages

We'll pick 2 winners on Sun. 10/4/20, 10am. No limit entry!

Covid 19 Note: If public health circumstances require that this tour or event be canceled or closed 
due to Covid-19, these tickets will be invalidated and may not be carried over to future seasons.  
Winner agrees to be informed about and abide by any in-state or inter-state travel restrictions.
Sorry, we know it sucks but it's a freaking pandemic...wear a mask, let's get rid of this virus together.


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Step into The Manor and experience the ghastly entities that haunt its tormented halls. Many are driven mad by the terror lurking in every shadow; their desperate screams echoing endlessly down twisting corridors heard only by the desolate Connecticut countryside. 

Should you manage to escape the darkness within The Manor, you will be left no choice but to face the terrors of The Graveyard. The remains of the evil residing within The Dark Manor patrol the Graveyard in search of victims to repair their plagued souls. Those who have made it this far say your only hope for escape is a hidden exit deep beneath The Dark Manor itself.
Plunge into the shadows of The Catacombs, surrounded by undead creeps and chainsaw freaks, remorseless in their torment of anyone unfortunate enough to wander into their cold grasp. Those who can navigate The Catacombs may just escape with their lives, but for many their sanity remains lost forever.

Few who escape the Dark Manor suffer to tell the tale. Will you be one of them?

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The Dark Manor 2020 Hours/Dates

Season opens Friday, October 2nd!
Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in October!
Haunt opens at 6:30pm for night shows; Opens at noon for low-scare matinees

Buy Tickets in Advance HERE.

The Dark Manor stays open in rainy weather. 

Contest Rules and Eligibility Requirements

The Contest is open to legal residents of continental United States where not prohibited by law, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry who have Internet access and a valid e-mail account prior to the beginning of the Contest Period. Sponsor has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant.

The Sweepstakes begins Sept 25, 2020 8:00am EST and ends  Oct 4thh, 2020, 8am  EST. ("Sweepstakes Period"). All entries (submissions) must be received on or before the time stated during that submission period. The sponsor reserves the right to extend or shorten the contest at their sole discretion.

All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will be gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. A winner will be chosen at random.
The winners will be announced on or about Oct 4th, 2020 on or about 10am EST. Announcement and instructions for prize will be sent to the e-mail address supplied on the potential prize winner's entry form. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her e-mail account for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to this sweepstakes. If a potential prize winner cannot be reached by Administrator (or Sponsor) within two (2) days, using the contact information provided at the time of entry, or if the prize is returned as undeliverable, that potential prize winner shall forfeit the prize.

If this event is canceled due to weather, no refund or credit will be carried over into future dates or seasons.
If public health restrictions due to COVID-19 cause this event to be postponed or canceled in 2020, contest tickets will be forfeited if no additional dates are added in 2020. Contest tickets may not be redeemed for 2021 or future event dates.

By entering this contest I agree to be informed by all travel restrictions within and between states. I agree to follow quarantine and travel restrictions which may be in place for the location where this event is taking place and those restrictions which may be in place from the state or city I am traveling from.

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